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We are Georgina and Jo, the creators of Indigo Moon Holistics. We are two wild and passionate souls who share a journey of self-improvement, spiritual discovery and the search for knowledge, healing and happiness.

We seek joy and love, great health and deep relationships, balance and adventure, abundance and light. We wonder at the universe, create from our hearts, delight in real human exchange and…

We want all of this for you too.

At Indigo Moon Holistics we specialise in energy work and believe in the power of mother nature’s gifts, in crystals, essential oils, ancient remedies and practises. We believe that we carry our worries and stresses in the energetic body as well as the physical body and so we offer holistic treatments, courses and events that ease, soothe and treat the whole person, body, mind and soul.

Our shop is filled with Holistic products that we hand select, ethically source and use ourselves. We work with local artisans, healers and small businesses to create bespoke products wherever we can and are proud to support a diverse and vibrant community of wellness entrepreneurs and therapists.

We are both trained in Reiki and Crystal Therapy, Georgina is a divine reflexologist and Jo gives incredibly healing massages and ayurvedic treatments. We work with these therapies because we believe wholly in their energetic power to restore balance, deeply relax and encourage the body to heal itself. We believe because we have experienced their wonder ourselves on our own self-development journeys and because of this we are now compelled to share the wonder of these ancient healing techniques to bring peace, tranquility and hope to all of you.

We are truly passionate about what we do and, although we are still very much on our own spiritual and wellness journeys, have good days and bad like the rest of you, we aim for wellness and continually strive to be the best versions of ourselves we can be.

The Indigo Moon Story

We met in 2019 at a Christmas fair where Georgina was selling her jewellery and Jo her crystals. Our stalls were almost opposite one another and we started chatting. The connection was immediate, and unmistakably strong. We befriended each other on social media and a beautiful friendship and exchange began.  We started to do live sales together on Facebook, selling both crystals and jewellery as collections. Our stories and life struggles were very similar, our visions for our work identical and the energy we had together was powerful and profound. It was at this point we realised we were meant to be working together. From there Indigo Moon Holistics was born, with a mission to help as many people as possible on the way to physical, emotional and spiritual wellness and to continue to shine Love & Light through everything we do.

Why are we called Indigo Moon Holistics?

Jo and Georgina both identify as ‘Indigo Children’. Born in the late seventies and early eighties, the peak time when indigo children were born,  we feel unmistakably aligned to the personality traits of these spiritual souls; we are empathic, curious and strong-willed. We have a clear sense of self and purpose and innate spirituality and intuition. We have also suffered and work hard to overcome adversity.

Indigo is such a mystical colour, ranging from deep blues to vibrant violets. The colour indigo is associated with the Third Eye chakra, which allows us literal insight. We open the third eye chakra with indigo crystals.  Violet links to the crown chakra from where we experience the true magic of opening our mind to universal wisdom, light and love.

The moon, forever linked to femininity and spirituality, is our guide. We bathe in her glorious light as our cycles shift in synch with her phases and we identify very strongly with the divine feminine. And, in our work, we feel a bit like to moon, shining her delicate light in the dark, gently guiding and illuminating the pathway ahead. 

Finally, we believe that the body, mind and spirit needs to be treated as a whole, so we take a holistic approach to helping everyone we work with to achieve maximum wellness on their individual journeys towards healing and wholeness. 

And so it makes perfect sense for Indigo Moon Holistics to have been born from these glorious concepts, colours and wisdom.


Georgina Winfrow

Hello! So, you want to know a bit more about me? Well here goes! I am a jewellery designer, reflexologist, Reiki practitioner and holistic therapist. I live in Guildford with my husband, two small children and a tortoiseshell cat, all of whom keep me very busy (yes, even the cat!)

For several years, I was a bored, lonely and depressed stay at home mum looking for a way to unwind and recharge. My research led me first to gong baths, then forest bathing and cacao ceremonies. Yoga, shamanic drumming, meditation, crystals, Reiki and reflexology followed. I had begun my journey of self-discovery.

I was studying Reiki 1 and very quickly and easily found the light within myself, which had been dulled by parenthood and depression. What I now know to be the beginning of Indigo Moon Holistics began with creating a crystal bracelet for a friend, during a period of self healing. I made another and put it on Facebook Marketplace and before I knew it, I had orders coming in! I put all of this down to the incredible power of Reiki, igniting a fire within me!

Georgina Winfrow

I was introduced to an lovely crystal bead supplier, who in turn showed me numerous online groups in which to show my work. As my confidence grew, so did my business and thus my self esteem. I have so much gratitude in my heart to those who have helped me to bloom, including my wonderful friend Jo without whom this business would have spluttered and stalled! There is still much blooming to be done as my journey continues… join us on the path to joy and love!



I am Jo, an intuitive Light Worker. I use a combination of several therapies and practises in my healing, teaching and coaching work, I am a Reiki Master, Spiritual and Crystal Healer, Holistic Massage Therapist, Meditation Teacher and Soul Coach.

I came to Reiki following the breakdown of my marriage. At age 39 I was in the worst state I had ever been. I was suffering from total life paralysis! I was clinically depressed, overweight, out of work and had just about lost everything, my sanity included. I just couldn’t seem to get over myself or see a way out. My life was disintegrating and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

As I prayed for something, anything to help me, Reiki appeared in my life and my interest in energy work began with my own healing journey. I’ve always been hugely into self-development and learning and am a natural empath, so have always felt energies very deeply. I also believe that people and opportunities come to you at just the right time, when you are ready and most in need. The universe definitely has your back. Reiki was a pivotal discovery in my spiritual journey and the path I took over the following years has led to incredible opportunity, deep healing, learning the most profound and life changing lessons, amazing friendships and joy.

Jo Planinshek

Fast forward a few years and I no longer take hundreds of anxiety pills every day, I live in a beautiful home with my 2 gorgeous teenagers, I have incredible friends in my life and the best business partner ever! I am by no means completely healed, the journey continues daily, but when I look back to how far I have come I am filled with gratitude and joy. Ok, so I’m still a little bit chubby, but then I do love cake! However, I can honestly say I am happy with who I am today.

My mission now is to help everyone I work with to find their own way out of whatever challenges they face in order to fully live the life they desire and deserve.

Everyone’s healing journey is different and I am blessed and privileged to be able to meet each individual exactly where they are and accompany so many on their own path to wellness, abundance, connection and joy.

Giving Back

Each year we have nominated charity and this year is Homestart, a local Guildford Charity close to our hearts. We also rent out our spaces at a preferential rate to charitable organisations and support groups.

Please email us for further information.

Home Start Guildford

Both Jo and Georgina had help from Home Start when our children were small and in our darkest days. It was completely invaluable! We had wonderful women come to help us with the children, and sometimes even just to have a chat. This service is so crucial and we want to support them in 2021 to provide this help for even more families who are struggling.

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Home Start Guildford