Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions dated 01/07/2023 set out the principles of the Indigo Moon Holistics Associates Programme. Please read them carefully, as by signing your Associates Agreement you are agreeing to abide by these Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions please contact our Booking’s Administrator, Lizzy Moran on admin@indigomoonholisitcs.co.uk. Thank you.


What you need to provide to us

To enable us to promote you through our channels correctly, you will need to provide us with the following:

● A short bio outlining your experience,
● An up-to-date headshot and/or professional picture of yourself,
● A list of your treatments/services and prices,
● Your contact details, address, mobile phone number, email address, website details (if applicable) and social media handles,
● And your own direct link to your personal booking’s system, whether that is to your website, or another channel,
● Qualifications and Insurance.

We will also need proof of identity, a passport or driving licence would be ideal. If you do not have these, we ask for a Naturalisation Certificate with one of the following: National Insurance card, or a letter from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) or HM Revenue & Customs showing your Insurance Number.

And finally, we need all documentation supporting evidence of your Training and Qualifications in your specified field. We also need your up-to-date Insurance Policy. It is your responsibility to renew your Insurance Policy and send us the up-to-date details. If your insurance expires, we cannot recommend you. All Associates are reviewed by Jo and Georgina before being fully accepted onto the Associates Programme. We cannot accept anyone onto the Associates Programme without the above specifications required. And without final endorsement from Jo and Georgina. Thank you so much. We deeply appreciate it.


How referrals work

When we receive an enquiry, we take the full details of the client and pass the information directly onto the most appropriate Associate, within 48 hours. The information will be sent by either WhatsApp or Email.

If any Clients contact Associates directly through the website, we ask you to please keep a record of this and report it on your quarterly feedback form. This is important feedback for us here at Indigo Moon, as it will show how effective our Associates Programme is connecting and reaching people.


Associate Promotion

We will only promote services & associates, that have been through our reviewed process. (As detailed above). We, therefore, only promote you and your services. If you are working in collaboration or a partnership project, all parties must be Indigo Moon Associates and therefore endorsed by us. We cannot promote anyone who is not an associate with Indigo Moon Holistics Ltd. Therefore, if you are employing other healers or subcontracting work out, we cannot promote this work. Please understand this is because we take very seriously the quality of the healers and work that we deliver to our clients. This is paramount to ours and your reputation and integrity.


Listings and Submission of Information for Promotion

Any treatments, events, workshops and courses that you wish for us to promote, please submit via email to our Bookings Manager, Lizzy Moran at admin@indigomoonholistics.co.uk. Please submit by the last day of the month, giving at least 4 weeks lead time for your event. (i.e.- any events for September need to be submitted by 31st July). Please also allow a few days for a response from Indigo Moon Holistics. All emails will be read, reviewed and responded to. Thank you for your patience in advance. All new uploads will be completed during the first week of each month. We cannot add listings during any other time.

We will not list anything illegal or what we deem to be over/under priced. Discounts are not permitted. Free one-off taster events & talks are allowed. Early bird rates for courses and workshops will be shared, but no discounts are permitted on any services. If you need help on pricing, please get in touch. All listings are subject to approval by Indigo Moon Holistics.


Data Sharing

In order to provide the best service to our Associates, it will be necessary for us, from time to time, to share your contact details with our partners, third parties and any other potential clients. This will include, but is not limited to, sending your contact details and/or details of services offered via email, text, social media, in-store advertisements and in person conversations. This will allow us to successfully promote your services and refer you to any potential clients, and to our wider community.

Your consent to your data being shared is legally required (GDPR 2018), and you will be asked to agree this consent to this in your final signed agreement. You can request access to any data that is held and shared by us at any time.


What you need to provide for Social Media purposes:

● Social Tile
● Copy
● Booking details
● Images in Jpeg
● Booking links for clients

If you would like to drop any printed information to display in our shop, we accept the following:

● Leaflets A4 – A5 size
● Posters A4 – A5 size
● Business cards – A7
● Postcard DL – A5 size
● Envelope size


Your pricing must be in line with industry standards, local rates and in line with your relevant experience. We are not in competition with each other and should not be undercutting our fellow associates to win. If you need advice on pricing your services, we can help so please ask.
We will not promote any discounts. We do not believe in this as it devalues our profession. Special offers that include free add-ons or a gift with a purchase are permitted.



Once you receive a referral from us, you are responsible for taking your own bookings and looking after your own clients. It is your obligation to give your clients the correct information for any bookings you take. Of course, if your client calls us direct at the store, we will share how and where they can find you.


Treatment Spaces

You are more than welcome to hire one of our Healing Rooms, but equally you can invite clients to attend your own venues. There is no requirement to use our space. If you do choose to hire our rooms, please love and respect these sacred healing spaces, so we may all benefit from them. You will receive more details about room hire at your Associate Welcome and Orientation.


Quarterly Monitoring

We ask you to complete a quarterly online feedback form which includes details of how many referrals you have had, how many new customers, how many bookings and any earnings you have received as a result of being an Indigo Moon Associate. This will help us to monitor the programme, make improvements and serve you and the community better.


Exchange and Renewals

Minimum term for 1st year is 6 months and then 1 year hereafter. Details of the exchange yearly fee is £222 on a pro-rata basis if you join part way through a year. Plus, a £30 Admin one off set up fee.
Renewals are due on 31st January and 31st July each year.


Associate Perks!

● Free membership to the Healers Hub and monthly meet ups.
● Advertising on our website, in our weekly newsletter and through our social media channels.
● A point of contact for enquiries, bookings, promotions
● Quarterly networking and training events
● Promotion of your events in store and on our events board.


Procedures and Charges for use of the Wellness Studio and Healing Rooms

If you would like to see your spaces, please book in for a tour.  We will ask you to sign a hire agreement if you would like to use the healing rooms.