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At Indigo Moon we recognise that we alone cannot deliver every kind of spiritual and wellbeing practice to suit everyone in need of healing. And why would we? We passionately believe that together we are stronger, and that raising the vibration of the planet and those on it is a collective mission.

Indigo Moon Holistics was born out of a desire to help others to heal and to build a community of like-minded souls, to bring together healers and those on their healing journey who need their support.

The Mission Behind our Associates Programme


Our Associate Programme is designed to bring together a community of soul-led expert practitioners who, together, can meet the needs of the growing public need for healing, to provide a central place where people can come to find the right therapist for them and to ensure they receive exceptional experiences along their own personal healing journey.

Imagine if you could get a steady stream of quality clients and regular bookings for less work, if you could remove 95% of the admin from your day and focus more on doing the healing work you love.

Imagine if you could work from gorgeous spaces and treatment rooms that are prepared and cleaned for you with all of the resources you need provided.

Imagine being part of a healing collective in a thriving community of light who all support your business and want you to succeed.

This is what we have created with the Indigo Moon Associates Programme. 💜

What is an Indigo Moon Associate?


As an Associate of Indigo Moon you will become a member of a group of hand picked and trusted healers, therapists and providers who we endorse and recommend to our clients. We signpost customers to you directly for your treatments, services and products. And if you wish, you can take advantage of our preferential rates to hire our Guildford Healing Rooms and Wellness Studio to ensure that everyone’s experience is stress-free and wonderful!

Our Associate Programme includes a nurturing support community for you, beautiful spaces to work from, an online platform and in store advertising to help promote your services, events, workshops, and products. Plus you receive client referrals from us.

Some examples of who our Associates are:

    • Holistic Therapists
    • Intuitive Healers
    • Light Workers
    • Spiritual Coaches & Teachers
    • Mediums
    • Yoga, Tai Chi & Dance Practitioners
    • Meditation Teachers
    • Tarot & Oracle Card Readers
    • Energy Workers
    • Crystal Healers
    • Sound Healers
    • Homeopaths
    • Aromatherapists
    • Hypnotherapists
    • Nutritionists
    • Acupuncturists
    • Ayurvedic Practitioners
    • Spiritual Artists
    • Holistic Product Makers
    • Artisan Crafters
    • Jewellery Makers

    …and more!

hands massaging foot next to flower

What does being an Indigo Moon Associate include?


Beautiful spaces to work from

As an Associate, you receive preferential rates for bookings in our tranquil Healing Rooms, Wellness Studio, Reading Room and Relaxation Space. You can also have a pop-up space and come in store to give talks to help promote your business.

We do it differently at Indigo Moon. When you hire one of our beautiful spaces, everything is supplied and catered for. No more carting around your treatment table or bags of towels, oils and supplies and no more having to pay for extra time to allow for set up or cut your clients treatment short because you’re in a rush to finish on time. Our Healing Room sessions are bookable in 90 minute blocks, allowing plenty of time for you to set up, welcome your client, do your treatment and give aftercare. We provide and manage everything for you.


Healing Rooms

We have two healing rooms that you can hire from us for your treatments.

Healing Room 1 is sumptuously decorated and set up with a treatment couch for deep healing and relaxing treatments. Here you will find:

Healing Room 1

    • Beautifully decorated space with soft lighting, candles, healing art, plush accessories and gorgeous aromas
    • Welcoming waiting area for when your clients arrive
    • Comfortable seating area in the healing room for your client consultations
    • High quality adjustable treatment bed, spa stool and saddle seat
    • Fresh bedding, sheets, towels blankets & face mitts – the treatment bed is all ready for when you arrive and all bedding is laundered by us after your clients leave
    • Bolsters, cushions and pillows
    • A selection of massage oils, room sprays and facial products
    • Heated towel cabinet for oils, flannels & mitts
    • Diffuser and a selection of oil blends for your use
    • Use of Healing Room crystals, sound healing tools and treatment equipment
    • Wifi and Bluetooth speaker for you to play background music for your treatment
    • Fresh water for yourself and your clients
    • 90-minute preferential rate booking slots to give you plenty of time to arrive, prepare yourself, deliver your treatment and give aftercare
    • Open from 9am until 9pm
hands massaging foot next to flower
hands massaging foot next to flower


Our second healing room lends itself more to readings and small group meditations, workshops, sound baths and teaching. With beautiful light flooding in, this space feels full of love and wonder! This room is perfect for sound healing, crystal healing, shiatsu, Thai Yoga massage or any other floor based healing. It also works really well for small group sessions – 5 yoga mats fit beautifully! The room can also be set up with a treatment couch or multiple couches if you are delivering training.

hands massaging foot next to flower

Wellness Studio

Our beautiful wellness studio is suitable for yoga, tai chi, sound healing, meditation, plus it is a great space for you to run any meetings, workshops or training courses. The studio space offers:


  • A gorgeously calm and tranquil environment
  • Mood lighting
  • Blackout blinds
  • Sound system with Bluetooth
  • Use of projector (deposit required)
  • Use of beanbags, cushions, yoga mats and chairs
  • Tables can be provided if required
  • 90 minute sessions, half day and full day preferential rates available
  • Open from 9am until 10pm
hands massaging foot next to flower
hands massaging foot next to flower

cafe bar & relaxation space

Our cafe bar and relaxation space is available for meet ups, talks and pop-up stalls. It also serves as a gorgeous, sumptuous waiting area for your clients. They can sink down into the plush sofas, grab a coffee or cold drink, and watch the world go by on Market Street while they wait for their appointment with you.

All these beautiful spaces are available for hire for our Associates. Just get in touch with us – we would love to show you around.

Endorsement and Recommendations from us


As an Indigo Moon Associate, you will be connected to potential clients through our networks, online platforms and in-store adverts. We also recommend you to clients who make enquiries in store, via our social media platforms and through our website, and refer them directly on to you.


Advertising and Promotion


As an Indigo Moon Associate, you have your own listing on the Associates page of our website, including details of what you offer, your contact details and click through functions to your own website, social pages and online booking platform if you have one.

Listings for your upcoming events, workshops and training appear on our ‘Whats On’ page on our website, with click through link to your own booking system or website. You also have an opportunity to be featured in our newsletter, which goes out weekly via email to our entire client base.

You also have the option to:

  • Tag us in your social media content and we will repost and promote relevant content and your events on our pages, groups, news feed and stories (Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok)
  • Display your marketing material in store – flyers, business cards, brochures etc
  • Offer a pop-up stall in the relaxation space or give a taster talk at one of our Sunday sessions, to network with potential clients


“I have received genuine referrals that have put me in touch with new clients who are serious with their topic of inquiry or training.

This has been invaluable to me, saving me time in developing authentic connections.”

Victoria Page, Indigo Moon Founding Associate

Community & Coaching

The Associates Programme is primarily dedicated to bring together a community of soul-led healers and practitioners. It is our firm belief that we are stronger together. As an Associate, you also benefit from Quarterly Associates meet-ups, where you can connect with other Associates and grow your network. The meet-ups also offer information to help you with all things business related including:

    • Pricing
    • Social media
    • Marketing
    • Starting out
    • Business building
    • Making plans and strategies
    • Legislation and policies updates
    • Guest speakers & training workshop sessions
    • Networking and support
    • And more!

If you would like 1:1 Business Coaching, we are happy to help you get clear on your goals and grow your business (preferential rates available).


FREE Membership to our Guildford Healers Hub

Indigo Moon Associates also benefit from FREE membership of our popular Healers Hub, where we offer:


    • Meet ups for healing, support and exchange
    • Regular healing sessions for you – healers need healing too!
    • The opportunity to meet other local practitioners to connect & collaborate
    • Access to our Healers Hub Members Facebook group

How to apply to become an Indigo Moon Associate


  1. Please read our Best Practice Policy and our Terms and Conditions before you apply. You will be asked to agree to these as an Associate.
  2. Complete the Application Form and submit it to us along with any relevant documents.
  3. If your application is successful we will invite you for a meeting
  4. We will then arrange a time for you to complete a treatment, reading, coaching session or share your products and services with us so we can experience your work
  5. If you are selected to be an Associate we will require to see proof of your professional qualification certificates, membership status to any professional bodies and current, valid insurance documentation
  6. You will be required to sign an Associate Agreement accepting the Terms and Conditions and Best Practice Policy and complete our induction before we can give you our endorsement
  7. Associate Membership is renewable yearly



We have a yearly membership exchange in place for Associates. Your first year of membership is pro-rated, and renewals are due in January and July of each year.

Introductory rate for 2023:  £222

If you are ready to discover how to become an Indigo Moon Associate, you can access all the relevant documentation and application form below. Thank You 💜

Together We Are Stronger


Just imagine a completely hassle-free way of getting new clients and regular bookings.

Just imagine being part of a supportive and encouraging community of healers.

Just imagine working from gorgeous spaces in the vibrancy of Guildford’s spiritual hub.

Just ONE new client referral a month coming to see you for an £85 session would bring you £1020 a year additional income . And that’s just for their initial appointment.


Join us

We welcome you to join us on this exciting venture to bring so much needed healing to our community.

Together we are stronger.

We want to see you thrive, and we can’t wait to support you on your journey.