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Crystals for Exam Stress

May 8, 2023 | Crystals, Personal Growth and Self Healing

Crystals to help you revise and thrive through exam season


Exam season is upon us, with GCSE’s, A levels and degrees suddenly feeling a lot closer and more important than ever. Anxiety over these exams can cloud our mind, stopping us from being able to revise with confidence and reducing our ability to power through these exams. Taking care of your mental health is a priority, especially if you’re keeping your mind occupied constantly with deadlines and exam dates.

Thankfully, this is where crystals are here to step in and help you through, keeping you feeling confident and relaxed, instead of worrying that you still don’t understand that math equation!


white howlite

Firstly, White Howlite is a must-have.  It works powerfully at keeping your anxiety at bay. It is a crown chakra crystal, working with your mind to help you keep your chill. It reduces anger, stopping any frustration over your revision and unburdens an overactive mind.

If you’re struggling to sleep due to stress, this is the perfect crystal to help you sleep like a baby through the night and ace those exams.

rainbow flourite

Next is Rainbow Fluorite. This stone is perfect to help keep you concentrated during long exams and revision sessions. It aids mental enhancement, stopping brain fog to help you think clearly and remember everything you learnt in all those revision sessions and flashcards you did.

This is the crystal to help with focus, clarity and clear thinking. Keep it on hand for long periods of study.


Pyrite is the stone for success, making it perfect to keep with you during revision and exams to help you thrive. It stimulates your memory and intellect and helps you to believe in yourself, so you can keep your chill and power through exam season.

Connected to the Solar Plexus chakra, it can increase motivation and confidence.

clear quartz

Lastly, Clear Quartz is the perfect all-rounder for helping with your exams. It is a master healer, meaning it works with all your chakras to make sure everything is balanced, and no part of your body is over or under working.

It is also good for focus, to help keep your brain switched on and alert. It enhances mental clarity, and develops concentration and memory.

It is great for amplification, working with other crystals to help boost their effects.

Here at Indigo Moon Holistics, we now offer Revision Crystal Sets, helping you power your way through exam season and get the best results possible. Drop by to the shop to buy your set, or contact us if you need them posting out.

Wishing you love and light and good luck to everyone currently facing exam season.


Post written by Ella Simpson


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