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Come and be part of a supportive and encouraging group of holistic and spiritual practitioners. Everyone is welcome! Whether you are a therapist, coach, lightworker, medium, artisan, shaman or anyone else who works in the holistic and spiritual healing fields, whether you are just starting out, training or are a seasoned healer you are welcome to be part of this wonderful group of souls.

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When we came up with the concept of Indigo Moon Healers’ Hub we wanted to create something really unique and nurturing for all of us who work in the Holistic World, something different to the usual networking group or Facebook Therapy group. So our focus is on bringing us all together to share healing, uplift and recharge us all as well as giving access to all of the usual training, events and information services. Healers need healing too and we believe that being part of a welcoming group where we all share our knowledge, give each other support and advice and genuinely want the best for each other creates a beautiful platform from where we can collectively do the work we are inspired and compelled to do. We see ourselves as facilitators providing a space for exchange and we want to be part of your journey as much as you are of ours.

The Healers’ Hub is an inclusive nurturing space for all to come together, to learn, to share, to grow your practise and to be part of the bigger Universal picture, raising the vibration of the world.