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We all feel better when we sing in the shower! Why is that? Well, by using our voice we are expressing ourselves freely, with no inhibition, and that is very liberating. We feel lighter, free and ultimately happy.

Listening to music, whether singing along loud and proud whilst driving down the motorway or in the background at work, has the same effect. But have you thought about taking it a step further?

Vibrational sound healing goes deeper, on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It relieves stress and anxiety and brings calm and peace.  During a sound healing session, energetic blockages are released, a state of harmony is restored and you will find yourself entering a lovely calming meditative state.

We are so confident that you will love this therapeutic healing that we have set up workshops and events for you to try it yourself!

Sound alchemist, Jennifer Jenkins, will be visiting us for two very special sound healing sessions this February in our gorgeous crystal shop in Guildford.

On Thursday 17th February we’ll have Chanting for Self-Love, where you’ll learn chants that will open up your heart and bring a sense of peace and relaxation. No singing experience is required.

Jennifer will be returning on Wednesday 23rd February from 7-8pm with a Crystal Bowl Sound Bath for an hour of blissful meditation, immersed in the deeply healing sounds of crystal bowls.

Places are limited and you can book both of these beautiful sessions here

We’d love to hear about your sound healing experiences so drop a little comment below or post to our Facebook or Insta page to share your stories.

Always here for you in Love & Light

Georgina & Jo




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