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Feb 20, 2023 | Personal Growth and Self Healing

Why we should energetically cleanse our homes

Have you ever noticed when your home feels a little ‘congested’?  There is a certain, unconscious feeling that energy isn’t flowing as easily as it should. The spaces that we live in can be prone to stagnation. These energy ‘vacuums’ or blocks can be caused by many things that are, or have been, taking place in your home:

    • Arguments or festering disagreements
    • Long term illness
    • Negative energy brought in by other people
    • Lack of physical cleansing, ie. cobwebs in the corners etc
    • Electro-magnetic smog – wifi, broadband, mobile phones etc.

Home cleansing is a great way to eliminate these negative energies, to remove the weight of the past and make space for the new.

You may also want to cleanse your home for positive reasons too:


    • Moving into a new home
    • Wanting to ‘reclaim’ your energetic space after a breakup or change of house personnel
    • After a spiritual breakthrough or transformation – you want to level up your home to match your higher spiritual energies

What is Home Cleansing?

Clearing or cleansing a home is an age old tradition, spanning the various continents. It is a ritual performed to heal and clear any build up of stagnant emotional or spiritual energy in your environment.


How is it performed?

White Sage is traditionally used, although Palo Santo, Lavender, Rosemary or any other aromatic herb can be used. Dried bundles of your chosen herbs are lit, and the wonderful-smelling smoke is then waved into every corner of your home using a feather. This is known as smudging. Crystal grids, singing bowls, mantras, prayers and reiki may also be used to increase the positive vibrational charge. It is also useful to open all the windows in your house during the cleanse to release any unwanted energies.

White Sage (also known as sacred sage) is an evergreen shrub found in the South West United States and Mexico. It’s Latin name, Salvia, means healthy, or to heal. Native Americans, who were first thought to have utilised White Sage in their rituals, burned the Sage bundles (smudge sticks), believing that the smoke would drive away evil spirits and also purify anyone present at the time.

What can you expect afterwards?

Often after a home cleanse, you may notice a feeling of clarity, clearness and tranquility in your environment. You may have an uplift in your mood, and also have feelings of relaxation. Sounds may have a more resonant quality to them (try clapping your hands in each room after your cleanse).

Indigo Moon offer a bespoke Home Cleansing Service. Depending on what is needed for each individual home, we will choose the perfect combination of smudge stick herbs, crystals, mantras and intentions.

If you feel that your house is in need of energetic clearing, you can find out more about our Home Cleanse here:


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