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Make Time for a Full Moon Meditation

Jan 17, 2022 | meditations

A full moon provides us with the perfect chance to reflect, release and recharge. Nature heralds regular cycles and the constancy of these can be reassuring. Tuning in to cosmic patterns and cycles can encourage us to develop regular routines, which in turn can help us with self-care and wellness.

The beginning of a new lunar cycle signals a time for regeneration and practising your own full moon ritual can be deeply healing. We know the moon has vast effects on the rise and fall of the waters of our planet and since the human body is composed mostly of water, it goes to say that the moon impacts us all on a smaller scale too. When we become aware of the energies at work all around and within us, we tune in to our own natural rhythms, we connect deeper to ourselves and we begin to understand our intrinsic needs.

The moon, with it’s watery elemental power can help cleanse away the things we’ve been holding on to. From time to time we all need time to be still within. Decluttering the mind is important and releasing things that no longer serve us is powerful on many levels, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and in the physical world.

Enjoying a full moon meditation is a great way to help us let go and release old patterns, fears, worries and energetic blockages. Here’s a meditation you can easily do yourself.

Find a comfortable peaceful place where you won’t be disturbed for a while. If you can see the moon that’s great, but it’s not necessary as it’s energy will reach down from the heavens and find you when you tune in. Close your eyes, take some full, slow easy breaths and relax your body. Settle in to the ground beneath you and let your breath find it’s own peaceful rhythm.

Picture the moon above and sit in it’s gentle light. Visualise the light pouring down all around you, cleansing away blockages, swirling through you and moving things on. Bring your attention to the parts within you that feel heavy, sticky, achy or numb and ask for loving energy to move through these parts and clear away the things you no longer need to hold on to. Fall deeply into yourself and acknowledge anything that comes up for you, feelings, words, memories, visions, colours. And then… quietly… let… them… go…

Once you have taken time for yourself in deep reflection, releasing and cleansing, the full moon can also help us recharge. As you sit beneath it’s silvery glow allow yourself to be filled up with its wisdom and calm. You’ll be surprised at how light and peaceful you feel. This is also a good time to ask for any healing or messages you may need. Take as long as you need for this to settle within you and when you are ready, bring your attention back to the space you are in, connect back to the sounds around you and slowly come back into your body.

You may wish to journal your experience or simply sit quietly and contemplate. It’s important to ground yourself so drink a glass of water, take a slow and considered barefoot walk or hold a grounding crystal like red jasper or smokey quartz.

Meditation helps us to relax and become present, it gives us a chance to really listen to our inner voice and during a full moon we can ask ourselves what it is we need to release. You already have the answers within you and when you acknowledge your higher self and allow your feelings and emotions to flow through you incredible shifts can happen.

Having a regular practise is a great way to take care of yourself and we’re big advocates of this loving act at Indigo Moon. In fact, we’re planning some meditations at the moment and will be inviting you all to join us for these in person sessions soon, so keep an eye out here and in our weekly newsletter.

We’d love to hear about your full moon rituals and if you try this meditation drop a little comment below or post to the page and let us know how you get on.

Always here for you in Love & Light

Georgina & Jo




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