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Manifesting your Dreams

May 15, 2023 | Personal Growth and Self Healing

Manifesting your Dreams


What are your dreams?

Are you in a place in your life where part of it feels limiting or exhausting? If so, now might be the time to begin manifesting your dreams and desires.

The first step to successful manifestation is to let go of all the thoughts that might be holding you back, either consciously or unconsciously. Through the process of releasing any limiting thoughts, your cup begins to fill with the opportunities that the universe wants to bring to you. Releasing any limitations opens up the space to allow your dreams to enter in. There are lots of methods that you can use to release limiting thoughts: meditation, tapping, hypnotherapy, past life regression, counselling etc. Choose the one that you resonate most with.

The second stage is to start to imagine what is possible. Stretch your vision of yourself!

Stay in touch with the fact that you are in actuality manifesting, every moment of the day, what you desire. Begin the process of manifesting your dreams through visualisation. Take the time to really picture your dream becoming a reality. What does it look like, how does it feel. Add lots of detail to your vision. Create a vision board, or write it all down in your journal. Be as creative as you can.

You receive what you ask for. Everything is available to you, but you’ve got to ask. This is sometimes a difficult process, but it is the most important piece that you can do, because without asking, the universe doesn’t know what you want.

The next stage is to examine any blockages. Look at any issues of conflict and resistance. If it feels like a piece of your dream isn’t coming to you, it might be because you’re unconsciously blocking it, and not allowing it to be received. Explore these blocks and see if you can release them.

The final stage is to allow yourself to receive the abundance of the Universe. Allow yourself to receive the energy of unconditional love without fear. Allow yourself to receive the energy, the true love and the healing of who you are.

The Universe is bringing you all that you need now. All you need to do is ask.


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