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Mediumship is the practice of curating connections with the spirit world, whether through lost loved ones, ancestors or other spirit guides.

Sometimes we need a little guidance or reassurance to help to put our mind at ease, and a session with a Psychic Medium will offer this and more. 

Mediumship is all about channelling messages from spiritual guides ‘beyond the veil’. The veil is the thin layer which divides the physical world from the spiritual, and it is possible to communicate with those who have passed to the other side. The Medium is the conduit, receiving messages and information from Spirit. 


Mediums are Professional Intuitives who can guide you through various readings from communicating with lost loved ones, offering guidance on life goals, finding clarity on cloudy issues and primarily tune into your past and present issues.

We are currently in the process of engaging a new Psychic Medium to join our team. If you would like to be notified when appointments are being taken, please complete the form below:

Psychic Mediumship has many benefits including:

  • Receiving guidance and reassurance from your departed loved ones or ancestors
  • Feeling a sense of relaxation and calm