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Pathway To Self-Love Course

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Pathway to Self-Love

Do you often find it challenging to relax and make time for yourself?
Do you give too much and struggle with overwhelm or burnout?
Do you get stuck in unhappy relationships or unfulfilling jobs?
Do you find it difficult to communicate your needs, or sometimes not even know what you do need?
Do you suffer with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, exhaustion, lack of assertiveness?
Are you a perfectionist or overly critical of yourself or others?

If any of this sounds like you then you can take comfort in the knowledge that a little conscious self-love will start to ease and reassure your soul. When you take care of yourself you reset your energetic vibration to one of abundance, compassion and love, you are full and strong enough to support others and you attract love back to yourself.

Our ‘Pathway to Self-Love’ course is all about cultivating self-love. Self-Love isn’t about being selfish, self-absorbed or narcissistic. It’s about connecting with your innate human needs, nourishing your soul and making time to enjoy the beautiful life you have been given.

When you join this course, your first challenge is to commit to showing up for yourself on time each week and every week, without fail. If this sounds tough for you, if you’re telling yourself you can’t make time, other commitments are more important or you’re feeling resistance to delving into your own sense of self-worth, then you absolutely need this course!!

Course Content

You will learn about how we allow ourselves to become neglected, what causes us to have low self-worth and why we are unable to nurture ourselves. Each week, we’ll show you why it is so important to take care of yourself and we’ll equip you with a toolkit of easy ways you can start to shift your mindset, heal negative core beliefs you may hold about yourself and begin to value yourself more. There’ll be meditations, activities and weekly tasks, as well as suggested reading (optional) all designed to heal, soothe and empower you back to a place of self-love.

We want to help you see just how wonderful and loveable you really are. For you are truly special and deserve love, abundance and deeply fulfilling relationships.

Course Requirements

Commitment to show up every week is essential – we say this because we love you and know you may find this difficult if you do not already value yourself. An interest in self-healing or personal development is welcomed.

Course Information

6 week course in Guildford
(6 x 1 1/2 hour sessions)

Venue: Guildford Institute, Ward Street, Guildford GU1 4LH

Dates: tbc 2023  (CLICK HERE to be added to the waiting list and be notified as soon as the dates are confirmed).

Fee : £222  Includes a course pack of resources and treats

How to Book

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