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There is nothing more wonderful, relaxing and uplifting than taking time out to have a treatment. It’s one of the greatest acts of self-care you can give to yourself. The stresses of daily life can create pain in the body, tension in the mind and dis-ease in the soul and it is so important to allow yourself time-out to unwind, relax and take care of yourself. And what better way than to let us take care of you?

Come and visit us in our peaceful Healing Rooms in Guildford, where we offer a range of treatments for body, mind and soul. Click on the images below for more details about our individual treatments, or make a booking. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Wellness within


Let the energy flow

Reiki Massage

calm & peace

angelic reiki

joy & purpose

spiritual guidance

release attachments

energy cord cutting

balance & heal

crystal healing

inner peace

healing for teens

relax and rejuventate

rose quartz facial

Relax & Rejuvenate

Holistic Facial

Relax & heal


open your mind


heal your past

past life regression

At Indigo Moon Holistics we specialise in energy work. We believe that we carry our worries and stresses in the energetic body as well as the physical body and so we offer holistic treatments that ease, soothe and treat the whole person, body, mind and soul. 

Our team of caring healers are accomplished Reiki healers, holistic massage therapists, knowledgeable crystal healers and divine reflexologists. All of our treatments are designed to promote deep healing and all over wellness and are infused with Reiki energy, Ayurvedic techniques and crystal wisdom . We work with these therapies because we believe wholly in their energetic power to restore balance, deeply relax and encourage the body to heal itself. We believe in this because we have experienced their wonder ourselves on our own healing and self-development journeys, and because of this we are now compelled to share the wonder of these ancient healing techniques to bring peace, tranquility and holistic wellness to you.  

Our treatments are tailored to the individual, so no two treatments will ever be the same. We want to get to know you because that way we can help you in the best way possible, so if we haven’t met you before we like to have a consultation before your first treatment and we ask you to complete our health questionnaire online prior to  your appointments. 

Our regulars know that we like to keep in touch too so we will always make time before each treatment for a catch up on how you’ve been. And our doors and WhatsApp’s are always open if you need advice or support in between your visits.  

Regularly coming for treatments will bring you the most benefit. We aim to help you get to optimum health and maintain a level of peace, calm and balance so that you can flourish. When you are constantly under stress from daily life your body has raised hormone levels and tension or you may be constantly in fight or flight mode, which is no good for your long-term wellness. So, coming to see us regularly for deep peace, relaxation, massages and energy work is a great way to manage your physical and mental health. And we hope you love our treatments so much that you’ll want to come back and see us time and time again. 

We really make sure you feel looked after and we genuinely care about your individual needs and circumstances. Our mission is to help you return to wellness and maintain happiness and health in your life. 

We make each treatment special and really put our hearts and souls into caring for you. We won’t rush you in and out and if your treatment says it is 50 minutes then it will be! There’ll be extra time at the beginning for a consultation and hugs and chats at the end. We really do want you to feel nurtured. 

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