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Angelic Reiki is a powerful – yet gentle, hands-on healing system that allows very high vibrational energies, Intelligent ‘Beings of Light’, to work upon your body to help release physical, ancestral, emotional and karmic imbalances across all times and incarnations.

From the moment we are born, we are guided, supported, protected and loved by Angels unconditionally, no matter what.  Each one of us has our very own guardian angel who remains with us throughout our lifetime.  They know our hopes, dreams, wishes, sadness, worries and fears. They know of our every thought and action, our past and our future.  However, Angels have no free will and cannot help us unless we invite them to do so.

If you haven’t visited us before, your initial treatment will include a detailed consultation.  You will then be invited to lie down on the treatment bed fully clothed and under a blanket if desired.  When a healing session is given, it is the Angelic Kingdom of light and the dedicated healing angel that are responsible for the healing process. The therapist just holds the space and does not interfere with the process.  The therapist is the bridge, a pure channel, between the recipient and their angel.

As angels know everything about us, they know and understand our sadness, anxiety, worry, mindset and the root cause. They remove the blockages – not only from this life, but past lives and across all time and incarnations – enabling you to move forward.

What people experience during a healing session varies on the recipient. People witness seeing Light language, which is the angelic language of communication – consisting of geometric shapes, sacred symbols, patterns/shapes and beams of light. Auditory sounds of high-pitched tones can often be heard too. Images of fire, water, flashes of light, various healing colours – such as green, blue, aquamarine, gold, orange, yellow and violet are seen (with our closed eyes). In the physical sense, you may experience a bubbling or rumbling in your tummy, a pulsating, an expansion of the heart, feelings of warmth, extreme love, the feeling that someone is holding you, tickling your face or hand and even sense a gentle breeze. It really does depend on the individual – but always, there is a feeling of peace, calm and love.

50 minute treatment: £83

Angelic Reiki has many benefits including:

  • Combats anxiety, stress and depression
  • Promotes relaxation and aids restful sleep
  • Brings a sense of calm, centredness and peace
  • Facilitates the body’s natural healing processes
  • Provides a gentle, non-invasive healing, suitable for pregnancy, children, cancer patients and end of life care

Have you ever considered training in Angelic Reiki?

At Indigo Moon Training Academy, we offer the Angelic Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree Cleansing and Attunement. Our next course is coming up soon. For more details, click the button below: