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Crystals are powerful yet gentle healing minerals, formed over millions of years deep in the Earth, imbued with healing elements and eons of our planet’s magical energy.

Crystals have long been acclaimed for their unique healing energies and each have their own individual vibration, which can pass into the auric field of a person, leaving traces of its own energy and eliminating stuck or trapped negativity. It is this effect that is used in crystal healing to bring about balance, detoxification, peace and calm and transmit gentle healing energies into your body, mind and soul.

This treatment is perfect if you are looking for non-invasive healing and particularly at times when you are feeling vulnerable or emotionally depleted and wish for a soothing and calming experience.

During a Crystal Therapy Session, you will sit or lie fully clothed and crystals will be placed on and around the body. We use various techniques during a session to calm, cleanse and activate the energy centres within the body. We will balance the chakras and do a full body aura cleanse, sometimes we will lead you through a guided crystal meditation or place crystals in a grid to aid further healing. We may also prescribe crystals for you to take away and work with at home. Something as simple as wearing a crystal bracelet or necklace or carrying a tumblestone in your pocket can have immense benefits daily. We work intuitively and tailor each session to you as an individual.

Crystal Healing is an ancient therapy brought to us by the wonder of our Mother Earth Gaia’s gems and treasures. We are sure you will love your crystal healing treatment.

50 minute treatment £83

Crystal Therapy has many benefits including:

  • Combats anxiety, stress and depression
  • Promotes relaxation and aids restful sleep
  • Facilitates the body’s natural healing processes
  • Brings a sense of calm, centredness and peace
  • Provides a gentle and non-invasive healing, suitable for pregnancy, children, cancer patients and end of life care