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There are so many worries for teenagers these days, such as exam stress, social media anxieties, peer acceptance or insecurity about themselves and how they fit in with those around them.  This pressure can manifest itself as stress, sleep issues, depression, eating issues, headaches, low self-esteem or social withdrawal.  Few things are more painful for parents than to have a child who is troubled or struggling.  How can you help?

Most teenagers live private lives that they don’t want to share with parents or other adults. Here at Indigo Moon, we offer both Reiki Healing and Crystal Healing for Teens, as a way to relieve them from the stresses of life without digging into personal topics that are hard to discuss.  Reiki can give them mental stability, making them feel more balanced, calm and relaxed so they can deal with their issues more effectively.  

 We offer both Reiki and Crystal Healing to 16+ year old teenagers or 12-16 year olds with parental consent.  The therapists available for this treatment have experience working with teens and also first-hand experience of helping their own teenagers!  In both treatments, your teen will sit or lie down, fully clothed, in a warm and safe space.

Reiki Healing for Teens

During a Reiki session, we place our hands over various energy centres (chakras) in your body and channel the Reiki energy to enable the natural healing process to begin.  Reiki is a very gently, yet powerful, healing form of energy healing and continues to work even after the treatment has ended.

Crystal Healing for Teens

During a Crystal Healing session, crystals will be placed on and around them.  We use various techniques during the session to calm, cleanse and balance the energy centres within the body.  The therapist can tell you afterwards which crystals they’ve used and why.

In both Reiki and Crystal Healing, your teen may experience tingling sensations in any part of their body, warmth, cold, see colours or images behind closed eyes.  The experiences during the treatment are distinctly individual.

50 minute treatment: £83

Reiki and crystal healing have many benefits including:

  • Combats anxiety, stress and depression
  • Promotes relaxation and aids restful sleep
  • Facilitates the body’s natural healing processes
  • Brings a sense of calm, centredness and peace
  • Relieves headaches and provides relief from physical pain
  • Promotes deep healing from within
  • Provides a gentle and non-invasive healing suitable for children and young adults.


We also run a series of Crystal Workshops over the Summer Holidays especially designed for Children and Teens. You can find more information HERE