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Past-life regression can be used to help you find out where certain patterns of behaviour originally began.  Many people feel that their history goes back much farther than their current life.  Using hypnosis, you are guided easily back to one or many past lives.  Throughout the session you are speaking to me and describing what you see.  A connection between the past event and the current life is normally observed and this can help you understand how and why you think and feel the way you do, particularly in connection to other people. 


The session begins with a discussion about the issues you currently have and what you hope to achieve.  You are then put into a trance and guided back to your past lives.  Much of the rest of the session is spent with you exploring your past life or lives and making connections to current behaviours.  Most people find this type of session both fascinating and illuminating.

60 minute session: £105

Past Life Regression has many benefits including:

  • Discovering the origins of how we feel or act and patterns of behaviour
  • Helping resolve and understand current life issues
  • Providing clarity and resolution
  • A sense of closure
  • Forgiveness