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Much like a life coach, a spiritual guide helps people to connect to their desires, identify obstacles and take actionable steps toward their goals. However, a spiritual guide does this work in a more profound way, starting with the underlying root causes of an issue, block or disconnection. Using tools such as Oracle Cards and Coaching Techniques, this process helps to identify and understand any deeply rooted beliefs that block you, so you can move towards permanent positive change and allow your unlimited self to be awakened, connecting to your Higher Self and the Universe. 

You will leave with actionable goals to live your life with more joy, purpose and overall satisfaction on a deeper level.


The session begins with an informal discussion about the issues you are currently experiencing and what areas you would like help with.  You’ll then be invited to lie down so you can sink into a meditative state.  As you relax, your Spiritual Guide will use a variety of methods to identify the potential blockages and their causes.  They will then help you to overcome these blockages through powerful verbal, non-judgemental and persuasive techniques to restore your inner balance and awaken the consciousness of your true potential.

If your session calls for it, healing work may also be incorporated in the form of Reiki or Crystal Healing.

60 minute session: £121


Spiritual Coaching can help overcome issues related to:

    • Discovering their purpose
    • Finding a fulfilling career
    • Forming deeper relationships
    • Achieving financial freedom
    • Controlling stress and anxiety
    • Managing health issues  
    • Creating overall peace, harmony and abundance.