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If you’re looking for something full of healing, love and joy, then you’ll adore our workshops, classes and courses. We are delighted to offer you a really special programme including meditations, sound-healing, yoga, crystal healing, spiritual development, self-healing and professional training. We are proud to work with a team of expert healers, teachers and light workers who all love to share their craft and wealth of experience  to bring healing, peace and calm to your life. Wherever you are on your healing journey you’ll find something to enjoy and help you grow.

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Our workshops, classes and courses have been designed for you… so that you can discover the joy of many wonderful healing arts and practises for yourself and also so that you can meet others who,  like you, are on a journey of personal discovery or are simply curious about why they are drawn to these things. We are so blessed to be surrounded by a tribe of like minded people who come together regularly to learn and grow and we can’t wait for you to be part of it.

We know you have a busy and hectic life, and that is precisely why we have developed this programme, so you can take time out for yourself and recharge with a meditation or learn about crystals in bite-sized weekly chunks or one-off workshops.

We wish for you to be calm and centered at home, at work and at play so we’ve created our courses to relax, heal, uplift and inspire.  Come and join a guided meditation, crystal sound bath or chanting session, learn about crystals in our beginners crystal course and find new ways to take care of yourself in our self-love course. You’ll learn new skills, find healing, make new friends and become part of a caring community. 

For those of you on a serious healing journey we also have a series of Self development and healing courses like our ‘Pathway to Self Love’ Course, ‘Develop Your spiritual Intuition’ Course or our Reiki Attunement days. These courses will help you to dig deeper, release past trauma and negative core beliefs that hold you back in life and help you move into your personal power, learn about self-healing and grow spiritually. 

We are also available for private hire, for parties, ladies’ nights, hen do’s or corporate wellness days and events so get in touch to find out more.